The reason why you are on this page is because you are wondering why you have to subscribe (₦1,000/YEAR) to make use of our platform to achieve your next short or long term goal. Right?

Let us share a story with you. Over the years, it has become a tradition in the Nigeria's job & employment system that if a recent graduate or an undergraduate wants to seek an employment offer in a firm, he/she is required to have a certain numbers of years of experience. We are so sure you are familiar with this.

Lets proceed, Internship has become the smartest way of entering into an organization. The ease of getting you Internship opportunities is becoming more challenging and so energy draining. We (Placements.ng team) move from one employer's door step to the other in other to solicit for an Internship program within their organization, so that you can have an experience and later get a full time employment.

We are human beings too and we need to be sustainable, and because we know we are dealing with youths and a larger part of our team comprises of youths and energetic Individuals like you, We have decided that every Intern using our portal should be committed to an Annual subscription fee of only ₦1,000 which gives you access to the following

  1. Our online courses to boost your SKILLS which enhances your level of employability and your chances of getting that Internship.
  2. Access to Network of HR professionals from our team ; helps you to structure your profile/CV on our Platform for maximum visibility.
  3. Apply to Unlimited Paid Internship Opportunities.

Does my subscription guarantees me an Internship from Placements.ng?

Well, We are almost 2years old and we have successfully connected over 4000 Interns with employers to work with. The only thing employers want to see in you is/are your skill(s) and how you are able to also contribute to the growth of their company which is what we are equipping you with ; in the points listed above.

Do you think this is a platform worth subscribing for? If yes, We can't wait to have you.

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